The Clubhouse At The Misty Moon Pub

The Concept

A day out at Twickenham is one of the great sporting experiences and therefore it is no surprise that it makes for a busy time when trying to eat and drink before and after the game

You will already have your tickets having decided against the formal ticketed hospitality route. Possibly based  on cost or just that it's never been quite the memorable experience you hoped for as either a fan or a method of entertaining your client.

As a supporter you may have your favoured itinerary for the day. This may be a pub(s) in Twickehmam or Richmond based on the trade off between closeness to the ground and how busy it will be. Food might be something to grab along the way.

Alternatively you may book a restaurant that can offer breathing space and the all important sustanence for a long day. However sometimes the atmosphere and experience doen't quite match that of a busy pub full of rugby banter.

We feel this is where the Clubhouse at the Misty Moon offers the best of both.

A terrific location in the hub of the action, limited numbers, free bar and high quality hot buffet ensuring you beat the crush before and after the game
All of this with a great atmosphere that only a rugby international day can generate when surrounded by real fans.

The Venue

The Misty Moon pub is located on London Rd, Twickenham (for reference it is close to the famous Cabbage Patch)

Literally a 3 minute walk  across the road from Twickenham mainline station and a comfortable 15 minutes to the ground itself.

Numbers for our game days are limited to a maximum of 250 guests, with access to pre paid guests only (the pub has an actual capacity of 450)

This ensures excellent and timlely access to the bar and food points without the need for any payment during the day.

As an experienced operator in it's own right, the Misty Moon can ensure a comfortable, professional and secure environment for you and your guests, with that special rugby club atmosphere, win or lose.

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